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    Why use We Are Fetching?

    Our collection platform for schools has safeguarding at its heart.


    All collection information is managed by parents via a secure app. Everything from who is approved to collect a child to who is fetching them that day.


    Keeping data safe and ensuring you are fully informed.

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    Secure database

    By creating an account for your school, you will have:

    • visibility of the people who are approved to collect the children at your school
    • the name and photo of the ID-verified, approved fetchers
    • details of will be collecting each child every day

    It only takes 15 minutes for us to show you the platform, so why not book a free demo today.

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    Stay informed

    The platform is fully integrated with the free Fetching app for parents, so any changes in collection arrangements are communicated in real time.

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    Class dismissed

    Schools can invite multiple members of the team to the platform. This ensures that everyone responsible for releasing children from school has access to the information they need.


    Our 'collected' button builds a digital record of each child leaving school. For those that are allowed to travel home by themselves, the 'left alone' button lets parents know that their child is on their way.

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    About you

    You are in complete control of the information that will be shown to parents via your school's account page.


    This includes class names, contact details and start/finish times. Any changes you make here will be reflected in the Fetching app for parents to see.