• The data we collect and why.

    We know we ask you for a lot of information. Here's how we use it.

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    Your Government ID

    We ask you to photograph your ID simply to prove that you are who you say you are. The only information that we retain from this process is your "ID name" - i.e. the name that appears on your ID. 
    This is so that people have proof of your identity before they connect with you on the app. By connecting with you on the app they are adding you to the list of people that are approved to collect their child from school so it is important that they can be sure it is you.
    Apart from the ID name, we do not share the information or selfies from your verification process with anyone. This includes your friends and your child's school.  
    All verifications are processed by our ID verification partner, Persona, a large, global verification company that is certified by the global information security standard - ISO 27001.
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    Your profile details

    If you are approved to collect a child, your name, mobile number and photo are shared with that child's school. This is so that you can be recognised at the school gate and the parent or the school can quickly get hold of you in an emergency.
    Your postal address is only visible to your friends. We use this if you have been asked to care for a child after school as it makes sure the parents know where to collect them from.
    So, whether you are helping a friend or they are helping you, all of the information that you need is in the app.


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    Your child's profile

    We have several fields around dietary requirements and preferred activities etc. but only the school and the class are compulsory fields. 
    The child's photo (if you add one), name and class will be shared with the school.
    If you choose to add additional information, this will only be visible to the person who has agreed to collect your child by accepting your fetch request. If you have no live requests, this information is only visible to you.