Our vision

· Working together

At We Are Fetching, we are creating a world, where no-one is limited by the cost of wraparound childcare, so everyone who wants to go to work can do so.

Where the school run does not prevent anyone from doing anything, and no parent has to run panicked and guilt-ridden to the school gate. Where everyone has the freedom to realise their potential.

No teacher ever has to stay late because a child hasn’t been collected. Nor do they have to manage last-minute changes to collection arrangements - because it’s all done digitally. And everyone is verified.

There are no apologies, or begging for help. No need to remember to whom you owe a favour, because everyone helps everyone else. And that’s just the way it is.

Our vision is globally accessible childcare. Whoever you trust with your children can be approved to collect them at the click of a button.

When you are stuck in traffic, you request help from your friends.

When an appointment over runs, you request help from your friends.

When life gets on top of you, you request help from your friends.

And when everything is fine, you help them back.

No child will ever be left behind at school, not knowing why they hadn’t been collected. Instead, they can enjoy the diverse experience of being part of a different family for a few hours. Spending time with their friends - maybe doing homework, maybe playing games.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a house full of people, and those are the times when you accept your friends' request to help.

Just because, with We Are Fetching, you can.

Fetching is a free app that helps you share childcare amongst your network of trusted friends and family. To change the way you manage your after-school childcare, download the app today!