Living rural with Fetching

The best of both worlds

 If you live in an idyllic rural village in the beautiful countryside your home is one of many people’s dreams and some lucky people’s reality. When moving to our perfect location to raise a family in a picturesque setting, we may overlook some of the impracticalities that go with living in a stunning, yet remote place. Lack of public transport, long-distance school runs, un-walkable roads are just some of the things that make life as a rural parent that little bit harder. 

Settling down in a friendly quiet community was meant to reduce the grey hairs of city life stress, not increase them, right?!

What if there were a way to enjoy the peaceful bliss of the rolling hills while simultaneously having the ease of a hassle-free school run commute? 

Well, the Fetching app may just be able to provide that very solution! 

We hear all the time from frustrated parents who live in rural areas of the country that love where they live, except for the hassle that comes with the school run. Fetching brings the compromise most parents are looking for with a free app that makes every day tasks much easier. 

How do we help rural communities?

Through the very fabric that made Fetching is the belief that all parents, no matter where they are, can help one another from time to time. The Fetching app conveniently allows parents to have one place where they can request this help and offer it to other parents alike. 

Whether your rural issue is one mentioned above or something completely different, the Fetching app is designed to help people like you when you need it the most. Using the app with your friends, family and neighbours - whoever you trust to ‘Fetch’ your child - means that you can get the help you need on the days when collecting or dropping off is not possible. 

With this solution, we firmly believe most (if not all) parents who are living their best life in the gorgeous countryside can still have the best of both worlds. 

So, if you or anyone you know is in this boat, be sure to download the free peer to peer childcare app that is Fetching or contact us for more information - 

Start enjoying rural life again.