NEW drop-off feature

Making the school run a breeze

We’ve added another new feature to the Fetching app, to help make the quickly approaching school run, even easier!

We know a lot of parents, particularly key workers, are already facing the school run and all the challenges that come with it. Even if your children haven't gone back yet, the date will be looming, and so you will definitely want to know about this.

The key changes 

We have already developed features to help parents to share childcare at the end of the day (school fetch) and during the school holidays (playdates), so it made sense to build a feature for the mornings as well.

We have now fully implemented our drop off feature that allows parents to ask for help on the morning school run. This new feature will allow parents to start their working day before school and finish in time for the afternoon pick up. Essentially, you could earn back the credits you use on your morning fetch that very same day!

It's not just about work though. Sharing the school run also lowers the number of parents that gather at the school gate in the mornings, reducing car emissions and making it a safer place to be.

How does it work?

Watch this short film to show our drop-off request feature in action.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our latest update. Download the Fetching app to start using our drop-off feature today!