More than just a messaging app

What's included with Fetching

We often get told "I can just text my friends if I need help with the school run".

Of course you can. In fact, you may have done it already for ad hoc requests in the past. However, requesting help via Fetching can not only save time, but it will end the administration and guilt that many parents feel when asking for a favour.

We also reduce administration for the schools, who often end up handling multiple calls and emails every day, just around collection changes.

Here are just a few of the things that Fetching does automatically, which means that you don't have to send multiple messages to arrange an after-school pick up.

  1. We inform the school. When your child's school is added to the app, they get their own free account that they can log onto to check collection information. They will receive an automated email to let them know if someone other than a child’s parent will collect them. The email will also contain a photo of that person for security purposes and their phone number, should they need it.
  2. We leave no room for doubt. When you connect with someone via the Fetching app, you know they are who they say they are because we have already verified their identity using a passport or driving licence.
  3. You can store need-to-know information. Details like dietary requirements and favourite activities can be added to your child's profile on the app. This keeps the 'fetcher' informed without you having to send another message. We also show you your friends’ address details so you know where to go to collect your child - just in case you haven’t been there before.
  4. We send reminders. We know you are busy, so we send push notifications to your phone to make sure you remember who you are collecting on any given day.
  5. You stay informed. Once your child is collected, the “fetcher” clicks a button on the app and you are notified.

We have added all these features because Fetching is a real childcare solution for many people and, if you are collecting other people’s children, we don’t want it to be just one more thing to have to juggle!