Introducing your school to us.

Unlock the power of We Are Fetching

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If you are a primary school parent, introducing your school to our school collection platform via the Fetching app is easy and helps us to help you.

How to do it

Inviting your school to the Fetching app is incredibly simple. When you create your child's profile, click on 'school' to select your child's school from the list. If it isn't there, click the 'school not showing?' link at the top of the page.

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You will then be on the "Request school" page. From there you can enter the name of your school and their email - the email address should be the one that you use to communicate changes to collection arrangements. 

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We will then follow up with the school to make sure that they received your request.

You may be wondering what's in it for you. What is the benefit of having your school using We Are Fetching? Great question!

Everything in one place

What we mean by this is instead of you having a place to arrange the school run and the school having its own place to store school run information, both parties use the same platform. This means that both parents and the school are in sync with one another at all times. 

The ONLY fully integrated school-run app

One thing we’re incredibly proud of is the fact that we’re the only UK school-run app that offers a service with full integration. Meaning that our ‘everything in one place’ offer is one of a kind.

Child’s security 

Child’s safety is of paramount importance to us at Fetching. This is why we ensured our platform would be fully secure when it came to the children that it will be used to help. We have a secure ID registration process that all users must do to use our app. This ensures the school and the parent that everyone using the app is who they say they are. 

Unlocking Fetching’s full potential 

Having your school on board with Fetching unlocks the app’s full potential, with school runs, drop-offs and playdates being easier than ever to arrange without the extra faff of contacting the school directly or awkwardly asking other parents. The app is built by parents, in collaboration with schools to ensure that it is exactly what both groups need. 

Our goal is that no child is left behind and that parents can work together to solve the challenge of after-school childcare. With your help to get your school using We Are Fetching, we’re confident we can change the school run, one fetch at a time. 


Fetching is a free app that allows parents and schools to manage the school run. Download Fetching from the App Store or Google Play today.