Five friends to invite to Fetching

Unlock the full potential of your Fetching experience by introducing at least 5 reliable connections to the app! We understand that not every friend is suitable for every task, so we've curated a list of five essential friends you should consider having on Fetching.

Retired Relative

Make the most of your family support network by involving a retired relative in your child's routine. Even if they aren't tech-savvy, Fetching makes it easy for them. If they do need help, download the app on their behalf, assist in creating their profile, and our notifications will guide them through the process.

Local Friend or Neighbour

Forge a deeper connection with your neighbours and local friends through Fetching. Provided they have a good relationship with your child, having someone nearby ensures help is never too far away. Strengthen those bonds and enhance your support network.

Parent of Your Child's BFF

Suggest connecting with your child's best friend's parent – a top choice for playdates and school drop-offs. It's a win-win situation, as your child will be comfortable, and it's an excellent opportunity for the parents to build connections.

Your School Gate Bestie

If your school gate bestie isn't on your Fetching friend list yet, it's time to add them! Your favourite friend outside school can be a valuable asset for pickups and drop-offs. Plus, the mutual support can be reciprocated on days when they need assistance.

Your Partner

Last but not least, you will need to connect with your partner. If they are also one of the top two most frequent fetchers, you can share the child with them but using the share icon in the top, right-hand corner of the child's profile. When two people share a child's profile, they appear as the default fetchers on the school system and no fetch request needs to be raised when either of those two people are collecting.

If you have any questions about how the Fetching app can help you manage the school run, reach out to us at