• Safeguarding after-school collections

    Increase security and reduce admin with the UK's first secure child-collection platform.

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    We combine security and community to protect schools and support parents.

  • We are secure

    There is a new way to manage changes to collection arrangements. It's time to ditch phone calls and email.

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    ID verification

    We have created an app that allows parents to build a network of people they trust to collect their children from school.


    Everyone needs to verify their identity using a form of government ID. So you can be sure that anyone collecting a child is exactly who they say they are.

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    Reduced admin

    Any changes to collection arrangements are shown instantly on the school system with a photo and contact details of the new 'fetcher'.
    This means no more phone calls and emails about collection arrangements. Just efficient, secure communication.
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    Who's who

    Our school platform is mobile responsive so you can have it to refer to at the school gates and pick out the right face from the crowd.

  • Let's chat!

    Leave us your email address and we'll be in touch to see how we can help.

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