The benefits of dog dates

5 reasons why

With the return to the office approaching for many, we felt this is the perfect time for us to announce our latest feature - dog dates. Put simply, dog dates are the same as playdates (for children) but for dogs instead! Arrange a dog date using the Fetching app and have a trusted friend look after your little buddy for a few hours when needed and vice versa. 

How does it work? 

We’ve made adding your best pal to your profile just as easy as adding a child. Create a profile for your dog with a picture, dietary requirements, activities they like, and add it to your account.  

We understand that not all friends are the same. If you use the Fetching app to arrange informal childcare, you may have some friends that are better with children than they are with dogs. Categorise your friends by clicking on their profiles. We will only alert the relevant people when you raise a fetch request.

You can request a dog date via the plus button at the bottom of the screen. Here you can choose the dog(s) you would like taken care of. Select the start and finish times, and whether you will drop them off or need them collected from your home. We will notify all your relevant friends on the app and, when one of them accepts, the date is set.

Dog dates: 5 reasons why

There are many reasons why dog dates can help you and your dog out. Here are just some of the benefits dog dates has to offer: 

Flexibility - As much as we love them, our dogs can be an issue when it comes to having flexibility. Staying behind in the office to catch up on much needed work but knowing it’s tea time for your pooch back home can be stressful for both parties. With dog dates, that stress is removed completely. 

Have a trusted dog loving friend help you out on the long days when you need them the most by arranging dog dates with them. That way your dog is walked and fed while you finish up working, so you can come home to a happy exhausted pup to fall asleep on the couch with. 

No commitments - Dog walkers and dog daycare workers do an excellent job of looking after our canines, but sometimes we don’t need the full wrap around care. With dog dates, there’s no commitment, it’s just help out when you can. Better yet, you can also return the favour and help out your friend in need too! 

Surround yourself with dogs - We’d all love to run around in the park with several dogs, each with their own unique character. But owning several dogs could be a bit too much for some people full time. With dog dates you can temporarily live out that fantasy without the full time hassle. Bring your dog(s) along with your friend’s dog(s) and they can all have a ball. Some company for your dog if it’s the only one would be greatly appreciated by them too I’m sure. 

Your chance to have a dog for a while - Many of us love dogs but can’t have them for a variety of reasons. Generally too busy, don’t have a garden or just can’t commit. But with that said, the love for dogs is still there. Helping a friend out for a few hours gives you your daily dose of dopamine without having the full time commitment of owning a dog. 

Reduces stress and anxiety for both dog and owner - Dog owners will understand the guilty feeling they have when they need to reject their dog for something important. Attending a wedding or a birthday party can sometimes mean leaving your dog for prolonged periods of time. Not only does this make you stressed and anxious but it also affects your dog too. Organise dog dates in advance so your pooch isn’t left for ages and can have a chance to run around, do their business and have some company to avoid any loneliness. 

We hope this gives you a flavour of the benefits of owning this new feature on the Fetching app. The time to try it is now, as dog dates are currently FREE for all users. It’s a paid upgrade for those of you wanting to request dog dates but for those awesome friends who are helping out it will be free forever and always. Happy Fetching!