One year of Fetching

The ups and the downs

It’s been just over a year since we launched the Fetching app into the world, and while it’s been a rollercoaster of an 18 months for pretty much everyone around the world, we couldn’t be more grateful for where we are today. 

When we were planning for the initial launch of our app to help combat the trials and tribulations of the school run, nothing could’ve prepared us for what was on the horizon. On the brink of launching we were hit by the worst global pandemic for a century, resulting in a huge effect for the whole world.

We knew that this would be a ‘difficult’ time to launch an app to say the least, and with schools closed across the country, it rendered our app basically obsolete. Nevertheless, we persevered with our launch to ensure the country would be ready to tackle back to school with a little help from Fetching! 

So, where did we begin? 

Once the app was built, fully operational and had gained somewhat of a cult following from our local primary schools, we began to take Fetching to the next level. Crowdfunding. 

You may have seen on our socials earlier this year we began a crowdfunder through Crowdcube. This long and arduous process ultimately fell flat for us in the end, but likewise when the pandemic hit, we persevered! 

We opted for a different approach and decided to grow Fetching the old-fashioned way, through hard work, determination and digital marketing! 

Growing our online presence has been huge for us this year. Not only has it allowed our brand to be spread far and wide, it’s allowed us to connect (literally) to a whole host of users and schools to gain feedback on how we can make the Fetching app even better, and we listened. 

This year we’ve managed to overhaul a lot of the app and add many new features we feel elevates it to the next level. These include: 

  • Drop-off feature: 
  • This has allowed parents to ask for help on the morning school run too. 
  • ID verification: 
  • Security is of utmost importance, this feature has allowed users of our app and their children to be safe and secure knowing they’re being collected by a trusted user.
  • Replaced our credits system: 

We re-hauled our credit system after your feedback and replaced them with acorns to remove overdrafts for busy parents. 

  • Dog dates: 

Like our original playdates feature but for your pup. Arrange dog dates with other Fetching users when you can’t be there for your furry friend. 

  • Friend categorisation: 

Not every friend is suitable for every request. Some love dogs, some don’t, some are free for an afternoon pick up, some aren’t. Categorise your friends so the right ones are notified. 

Outside of these app improvements, we’ve managed to grow Fetching on a physical scale, with new schools coming on board, users growing every month and we’ve established partnerships with other amazing brands. 

We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come in the second year of Fetching. All we can reveal for now is we have more features in the pipeline for the app, additional "Fetching Live" events, more schools to be onboarded, future partnerships (& rewards!) and to ultimately change the world one school run at a time.  

Thank you to everyone who’s using the app and those who've shared it with others - here’s to year 2!