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What the new restrictions mean for childcare

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How will childcare be affected by the latest guidelines? Following the Prime Minister's announcement that England would be locking down again from Thursday 5th November, here is everything you need to know.

From a childcare perspective, the rules are similar to the high, and very high tiers that some of us were put into in October. For example, the following people can provide childcare support in private homes and gardens:

  • nannies and other registered childcare providers

  • people in your support bubble

  • people in your childcare bubble

You can form a childcare bubble with someone from a different household for the purposes of providing informal childcare. This applies to children aged 13 or under. You cannot keep changing your childcare bubble, it must always be between the same two households.

Anyone who does not live with you, and is not part of your support or childcare bubble, must not visit your home - even if this is to help with childcare.

You may meet outdoors with people from your household/support bubble and on your own with one person from another household. Children of school age are included in this, but those below school age (or those who require constant care) do not count towards the total number.

Unlike the three-tier system, most children's clubs and activities will need to stop for the lockdown period, although some youth services, such as 1-1 youth work will be able to continue.


Full government guidelines can be found here.

Can I still use the Fetching app?

Yes. In the following circumstances:

  • To arrange an outdoor playdate for one child under 5 with another household. This should be in a public park or outdoor space. Meeting in private gardens is not allowed.

  • To fetch a child from school and walk them back to their home. Perhaps a parent is isolating, or in the middle of an important meeting. They can still request a fetch and you would be acting within the guidelines if you decided to help them out, provided you are on your own, or with children under 5.

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