Getting started

Your guide to using Fetching

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Thank you for downloading the Fetching app, setting up your account and verifying your identity.

We are thrilled that you have chosen to use Fetching to manage your school runs. In case you are wondering what to do first, here are are few tips to help you get started using the app.

1. Finish your profile

Your profile is almost finished as you entered most of the information when you set up your account.

The only thing left is to add a photo. We need this for when you collect a friend’s child from school - it is to ensure each child is passed to the correct person.

2. Add some friends

Fetching lets you share the school run amongst your network of trusted friends, so the first thing to do is invite some friends to join you on the app.

These should be friends that you trust to look after your child. People that help you on the school run might include family members, or other parents from the school gate. If you would like to use the app for playdates as well, you may prefer to invite friends that have children of a similar age.

Here is a short film to tell you a bit more about it.


3. Create profiles for your children

We don’t store a lot of personal data about children (the photo here is not required if you do not wish to add one), but we do want to make sure that anyone taking care of them knows their dietary requirements and what they enjoy doing.

If your child's school is not using the app, now is the time to invite them. 

4. Sharing children

Fetching allows you to share each child with one of your friends. This might be the child’s other parent or the person who looks after the child the most, aside from you.

Sharing a child means that you can both raise fetch requests for that child, and either of you can collect them from school without using any credits.

Only two people can share a child and each child should only have one profile on We Are Fetching. This is to ensure that schools do not have duplicate profiles.

5. Raising a request

You are now ready to raise your first school run request.

Use the date navigation at the top to select the date on which you need help. Choose the type of school run - drop off or school fetch - and select the child or children that need looking after.

Once you have selected the time and collection details, click ’save changes’ and your friends will be notified.

When one of them accepts, your fetch is arranged!

If you have any queries, or encounter any problems with the app, please feel free to email us on