5 Friends every Fetching user needs

People we all need

We always encourage new users to the app to introduce Fetching to at least 5 people they can rely on for pick ups, drop offs and playdates. We also know that not every friend is suitable for each task. Perhaps granny is great for the after school pickup but having 5 kids round her house for a playdate may not be the best idea. 

This is why having multiple options when it comes to your child is never a bad idea. To get you started here’s our list of 5 friends everyone should have on Fetching.  

5 - A retired relative 

This may seem like the obvious choice for school run back up but we know a lot of older relatives may not be up to speed with the latest technologies. With Fetching, they don’t have to be. Simply download it for them, help them create their profile and allow them to see your Fetch requests. Our notifications will help them through the process.

4 - A local friend or neighbour 

Many of us share a special bond with our neighbours. Whether it’s ranting about No.11’s parking or No.23’s loud music, a lot of us have relied on our neighbours for social interaction recently. Having seen our neighbours more than ever since last year's lockdown, we may have got to know them on a more personal level. This is why they could be a great option for you to have if they’re able to help with childcare. 

Failing that, if you have a friend that lives close by, they too can be a great option as your child is never too far away. 

3 - The parent of your child’s BFF 

Probably the number one choice for your kid (over yourself sometimes) to have their BFF’s parent collect them for a playdate or drop off at school. Not only will this take 0 convincing for your child, it can also be a great way for parents to get to know each other. 

2 - Your school gate bestie

Okay, if you haven’t got them on your Fetching friends list already what have you been doing?! Adding your school gate bestie who you always have a chin wag with outside school is a great option to have. Not only will they usually be more than willing, you can also help them out on the days when they can’t make it. Win win!  

1 - Your partner 

Although not always useful inside the house, having your other half as a friend ‘could’ prove quite useful. It’s the easiest solution for sharing your child for drop offs and pickups. Your other half won’t need to accept requests and they can see if someone has accepted a request raised by you if they need to.

We hope this list helped you pick a few friends to get acquainted with the app. If you have any queries regarding Fetching, be sure to let us know - hello@wearefetching.com