Preparing for lockdown changes with Fetching 

The grass is looking greener on the other side

The date is a little later than initially planned. But the 19th July will soon come round. This is the proposed end date for most of Covid restrictions across the country. But what does this mean for before and after-school arrangements? 

As Brits prepare for their return to normality, lots of questions are left open at the moment, especially for parents. We’re happy to provide you with good news regarding your burning questions as a parent. The most common ones we hear are things like: 

‘Will I be able to have kids from multiple households in my car for the school run?’ 


‘How many friends can my child play with on a weekend indoor playdate?’ 

The answer to these questions and ones similar is… 

Unlimited! (currently) 

Yes, the best bit of news for parents regarding school runs and playdates is that from the 19th of July, you will be able to take as many kids from different households as your car or home fits. So not only will you be able to help out more parents at any given time (more acorns for you), you will also be having an immensely positive impact on road congestion and the environment when doing the school run. The same is true for playdates and other features you can arrange with the Fetching app. 

Fetching’s full potential is back open for you to take full advantage of. No more wondering if it’s okay for you to help a friend if you already have someone else's child in your car. Or the worry of being too close to parents at the school gate. Obviously, we encourage you to keep your distance while the teething stages of lockdown lifting occurs but the constant worry will be a thing of the past. 

This couldn’t have come at a better time, with the final weeks of the school term left to go, lot’s of parents and kids alike will want to make the most of the great weather with their friends. Now that lockdown is lifted, we can begin to smell those after-school BBQ playdates while sitting on some freshly cut grass under the summer sun. 

So, what are you waiting for? With more features than ever before, there’s been no better time to get you and your friends using Fetching to make all of your lives after lockdown, hassle-free. 

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