Childcare and the rule of six

What you need to know

Changes to restrictions

New limits on the number of people that can gather as a group come in to place today - 14 September 2020.
Here is a quick summary of the how this affects you sharing childcare and your use of the Fetching app.

Can I look after other people's children?

Yes. From 14 September, you can have up to six people in your home or garden from other households (this includes children). This means that, if you are a single parent with an only child you can collect up to 4 other children from school.

We have added a cap to that no more than 4 fetch requests can be raised or accepted.

What if I take them to the park?

You can take them to the park instead of your home, but the numbers limitations are still the same. Where possible, you and the children should keep your distance from others.

Can I take them in my car?

Walking, cycling or scooting to and from school is advised by the government. Not simply for the health benefits, but to reduce traffic at the school gates. If you are looking after children from other households and need to take them by car, the recommendation is to try to:
  • Share the transport with the same people each time. 
    This should be simple, as you will be connected to a limited number of people on the app with whom you share childcare.
  • Keep to the small group of six people.
  • Open windows for ventilation.
  • Travel side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, where seating arrangements allow.
  • Face away from each other.
  • Consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle
  • Clean your car between journeys using standard cleaning products - make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch.
  • Make sure the driver and passengers wear a face covering.
    Whilst primary school children (under 11) are exempt from wearing masks, it is a good idea to have some for car journeys as it is a confined space.

Can I host a sleepover?

Yes, if your children want to have your friends to stay, they can. Sleepover guests can only stay overnight if the total number of people in the home does not exceed six people.

Take particular care to maintain good standards of hygiene, especially when using shared facilities like bathrooms.

People in the same support bubble can stay overnight with each other in larger groups as they count as one household.

Can grandparents help with the school run?

Yes. We already have a number of grandparents using the Fetching app and we know they enjoy spending that time with their grandchildren - as well as helping with childcare.

After-school clubs have more than six

Education, registered childcare, and youth groups/activities are three of the categories that are exempt and groups can be larger than six. You can read more on the challenges around after-school care in our blog about parents returning to the office.

Can my child still play their team sport?

You can play team sport in any number if this is formally organised by a sports club or similar organisation and sports-governing body guidance has been issued. 

Team sports that do not have approved guidance should not be played if you cannot socially distance from people you do not live with. Instead, people should train together and take part in activities such as fitness sessions outdoors and in groups of no more than six people.

When playing sports informally with people you don’t live with, stick to a group of six.

Childcare shared

The government acknowledges that, whilst people should try to maintain social distance from people they do not live with, this is not always possible when providing care to a young child. You should still limit close contact as much as possible, and take other precautions such as washing hands and clothes regularly.

To find out more about how the Fetching app is helping people get back to school safely, read our blog.