Breaking the ice

Conversation starters for kids

Whether you are taking a class register on zoom or hosting a workshop, ice breakers are a great way to, well, break the ice.

Unfortunately, when it comes to young children, they sometimes struggle to think of the answer to a question when put on the spot.

Even a simple question like “what did you do at the weekend?” can be a challenge to answer when the child has their classmates' expectant faces staring back at them on Zoom.

As a teacher, trying to get a young class to engage over this medium is a challenge, so we have produced a series of short preference cards to generate engagement from even the shiest of young students.

By asking one of these questions each day at registration, we hope that every child will feel able to participate. No further explanation is required, they don't even need to think - it is just about their preference.

Download our pack of 15 questions and let us know how you get on - we can always produce more if you need them!