A guide to playdates this Easter 

Creating Easter memories with playdates 

It’s been a long winter this year, especially with the lockdown. But as we slowly see the sun making a return and the flowers beginning to blossom, we can start to get excited about what’s to come. 

Depending on where in the world you’re reading this, lockdown rules in England will begin to ease from the 29th March, starting with 6 people or two households to meet outside socially. What better time than the quickly approaching Easter holidays to organise your first playdates of the year with your friends and your children’s friends. Better yet, we’ve made it even easier for you that the whole thing can be arranged using the free Fetching app! But we’re not here today to drown you with all of our amazing features, we’re simply to give you some inspiration as to what you can do with playdates this Easter. 

Everybody loves an easy top 5 list of things to help sprout your imagination, so that’s exactly what we’ll bring to you. Here are 5 playdate activities you could be doing this Easter that align with England’s COVID guidelines: 

5. Water fun 

Kids of all ages love to have a splash around and play with water (come on parents, we know you enjoy it too) so we thought organising a fun water day for your playdate could be a great idea. The weather has warmed up recently, meaning water fights and fun in the paddling pool doesn’t have to be a cold experience - although it might not be a particularly long one! Fill up the paddling pool, refill those water pistols and have a fun watery playdate. 

4. Put your chefs hat on

If there’s one thing most of us have done this past year with lockdowns it’s cooking and baking. Whether you’ve learnt a new recipe or you’ve finally had the time to perfect that perfect pizza crust you’ve always wanted, cooking can be a great way to bond, learn and have fun! Bringing the fun to outdoor cooking with playdates is another great way to get creative and to see what wondrous creations your young-ones can make. Whether it’s prepping for a BBQ or making pizzas in the sun, there’s no limit to the amount of things you can create. Oh, and don’t forget to share any creations with us over on our socials. 

3. Egg hunt 

This one is a pretty obvious one, but the Easter holidays wouldn’t be right without a classic egg hunt. Kids missed out last year from being able to do this with their friends so this year why not organise a playdate for them and let them have fun hunting eggs with their friends in the garden or local park. Chocolate and their chums, what child could ever resist? 

2. Get them building 

Getting your kids involved in building on a playdate can be a fun and informative way for them to learn/socialise while working together. Now, we don’t mean to get them working on the kitchen extension you’ve been putting off for years. No, we mean get them building something that’s fun and that they can show off to their friends with afterwards. This can range from anything such as Lego to building their own plastic bottle rocket, the possibilities are endless. If you need some inspiration, check out this handy blog here of ideas they can use with ‘how to’ instructions readily available. 

1. Mini Olympics  

This long indoor winter we’ve had has meant it’s even harder to get your kids up and active with motivation. Let’s face it, we’ve struggled too. What better way to have fun and to introduce sport than hosting your very own mini olympics from your garden or local park, complete with medals that you made from activity no.2. Not only does this get your kids active with their friends, they can have fun, experience new sports that they may never have tried before and you could inadvertently discover you have the next Mo Farah on your hands. 

We hope this gave you a flavour of just some of the activities you could do this Easter through playdates and how the Fetching app can be used to organise the entire thing. Ask your friends to host your child for a few hours whilst you work, or pick up a few requests yourself to help them. Please check COVID guidelines within your local area and we encourage you to complete these playdates adhering to the guidelines in a safe manner. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

You can organise your Easter playdates using the free Fetching app. You can find out more here or download the app.